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Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

A Ghost Story

Ghost was a loose dog in the Philadelphia/Bensalem area. From what we know, he was in the area for about 7 days. We hung about 200 flyers hoping for sightings and hoping an owner would come forward. We got many phone calls regarding sightings and were able to set a trap and camera. Then Ghost disappeared for a few days, no sightings and no photos of him on camera. It was a surprise to everyone when he came back and went in the trap. 

Ghost went into a foster home right away and then became adopted by the foster family several months later. Because of Ghost, K911 Lost Dog Search now services far Northeast Philadelphia, Bensalem, and Lower Bucks . Because of Ghost, many other lost dogs have been saved from roaming the streets.