k911 Lost Dog Search

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Lost Dog Services

Consultation & Map Analysis


Team Ruby offers phone consultations to assess your situation and start the search process of your missing dog.  A detailed map analysis of the POE (point of escape) will be reviewed along with a profiling of your pets behavior as a missing dog.   Initial detailed direction will be provided to ensure your search is off to the right start.  A strategy will be customized and created for your lost dog's profile and circumstances.

Flyer Design

Team Ruby will design a flyer for your lost dog and provide specific instructions on how and where t

Team Ruby will design a high resolution, ready to print flyer for your missing dog.  We also provide instructions on HOW and WHERE to hang the flyers.  Team Ruby will also network your lost dog flyer with dozens of social media and lost dog classified sites.  FLYERS are the NUMBER ONE REASON we get dogs home!

Tracking & Monitoring


Team Ruby provides field services to track and monitor your lost dog.   With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, Team Ruby can remotely monitor an area without disturbing your dog's "safe zone".  This step in the recovery process is vital to getting your dog home.  Once Team Ruby confirms certain behaviors and actions, trapping can then occur.

Humane Trapping


After successfully tracking and monitoring your lost dogs  whereabouts and patterns of behavior, Team Ruby will set a humane trap  to capture your dog.  Team Ruby has equipment able to capture dogs  ranging from 5 to 200 lbs.  Team Ruby also has custom built remote  enclosures for dogs that are more difficult to trap. 




 K911 works with local police, Animal  Control Officers, Townships, Municipalities, and other Community and  Rescue Organizations.  K911 will help safely trap a stray dog in your  neighborhood or town.  If you would like more information on partnering  with us for our services please contact us today. 

Private Lost Dog Search


  • Point Of Escape (POE) Analysis
  • Flyer & Poster Design
  • Instruction & Support 
  • Search Teams
  • Map Analysis
  • Setting Feeding Stations with WiFi Camera
  • Trapping & Capture 
  • Advertising

In-House Private Shelter


Every now and then Team Ruby will trap a stray who is deemed "un-adoptable" and could face euthanasia.  Team Ruby has rehabilitated, cared for, and provided training to give these loving souls a chance.  Team Ruby is not an intake shelter. 

Education / Seminars


Team Ruby believes that education is the key to helping keep dogs safe.  Team Ruby from K911 is available to speak at schools, rescues, and other organizations on preventative techniques and training for new adopters and fosters on HOW NOT TO LOSE YOUR DOG.  Contact us for details.



Serenity & Relief

You can count on Team Ruby from K911 to ease your fears.  You are not alone in the search for you dog. 

Action Plan

We will put together an action plan that is in the best interest of your dog and the circumstances. 


K911 will be transparent and truthful with you through this journey. We will always provide you with choices that best suit your needs.