k911 Lost Dog Search

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)Certified MAR (Missing Animal Response)

Tilley's Story

From: Bethlehem, PA

Lost: January 11, 2016

Trapped: January 14, 2016

Tilly was lost in Bethlehem, PA. She was crossing Freemansburg ave  and Stefko Blvd (both 4 lane highways). We knew she was eating at a  feral cat colony so we set the trap there. The weather and horrible  traffic and the fact people were trying to catch her worried us! We  cooked 4x a day on sight to keep the smell in the area. Tonight after  much prayer~ Tilly went into the trap.
Thank you so much for everyone  who called with sightings, thank you God for keeping her safe, thank  you to Anna and Norman for trusting us and not posting sightings and  thank you of course Tilly for going into the trap! Welcome home baby  girl

FROM Anna Mojica- Lawson (Tilley's Mom): Thank  you to Beth Talarico for her endless help. My frantic phone calls and  keeping us all in check. But most of all for her dedication and leaving  her family to help ours. Tilley is home safe and sound. If you see a  lost dog, please, please do not feed or approach, Please call the owner  or number on a poster or flyer. The rescue is not instant. It can take a  little. But if a wonderful person like Beth is helping you, They know  what they are doing. Listen. Its hard, you want to do all you can. But  the tricks work. Again we cannot be more grateful for the outcome. She  little and it snowed. She is now home safe and snug in bed. Beth again I  will never be able to thank you enough.